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Sputnik do audits, development and implementation of supply chain management systems.

  • We offer process analytics, improvement consulting and customize top-class supply management systems.
  • Over years our expert team implemented many large scale and ambitious projects. Tens of thousands of stores are using our products.
  • Within a year of our operations such companies became our customers as: Magnit, Pyatyorochka, Dixi, Spar etc.
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Stock management systems audit

What you get is:

Understanding of what and how should be changed for your systems to be improved

Making adjustments to the existing supply stock management system

What you get is:

Your updated systems meet the up-to-date business requirements

Implementing and supporting off-the-shelf stock management systems

What you get is:

Correctly implemented and set supply chain management system and processes

Outsourcing of stock order and demand forecast functions

What you get is:

Orders and forecasts are made by professionals from our team

Management consulting on stock management

What you get is:

High quality monitoring and analysis of stock management key processes

Implementing software and its modules at your requests

What you get is:

The software is customized to your company’s specific needs

Who would benefit from
our services

Companies going through transition to a different management system and having difficulties with software optimization and customization.

Companies of various size, format and product range, that need immediate improvement of supply chain and product representation, and loss reduction.

For various types of companies:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Retail chains

For various industries:

  • Food
  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Spirits
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Perfumery
  • Sports

What are your benefits
of working with us

The key benefit is our proven experience. We have completed numerous similar projects in Russian market, in various industries.

We support you in solving current stock management tasks.

We will provide implementation of exactly the tools and technology that you need.

We will find the fast, efficient an convenient solution for you specific tasks.

Our overall expertise comprises supply chain management, business systems architecture, software modules development.

We do not change what has proved to be working well. We provide targeted implementation of our modules that can either substitute the whole department or smoothly fit into the set system.

We will help

  • Ensure optimum product availability on the shelf
  • Decrease stock excess and clear the storerooms
  • Decrease losses
  • Increase the store inventory turnover

When working with your project we will help you optimize and improve to the greatest possible extent the following modules:

Target indicators calculation

Management and reporting

Individual product range calculation

Warehouse stock management

Planning system

Individual planograms

Excess order management

Store stock management

Promotional campaigns calculation


Sputnik is a team of experienced developers, talented analysts, superior QA specialist, outstanding team leads and excellent managers.

Our team is always there to help you find the most efficient and fast way to customize you supply chain management system. We will run diagnostics of your systems, process and personnel; will indicate the strengths and weaknesses of each module of your system.

The masterminds

Oleg Tkachev

Co-Founder (CEO)

Professional in supply chain management automation with 19 years of experience. Oleg was one of the pioneers of Magnit company, was a key player in implementation of warehouse and store stock management systems, pricing patterns and product range management systems.

Sergey Palunin


Expert with many years of experience in implementation of point of sales and logistics centers automation. Sergey leads the IT company “Raketa” specializing in outsourced development of software for retail and manufacturers.

Denis Markov


Manager with many years of experience in development and implementation of retail, production and transportation optimization. Denis is a key leader in implementation of PDCT implementation in warehouse management, route optimization and labor automation.

The projects that we have implemented during 2019:

1 Audits of 3 federal retail chains. We identified key growth areas and put together system development maps.

2 Development and implementation of full cycle supply chain management system – from fashion collection creation to stocking the supplying outlets of Russian clothing manufacturer.

3 Comprehensive program of store efficiency increase within a federal retail chain.

4 Development of the supply chain management system core, which allows customizing the system for client’s needs.

5 Supply chain process optimization programs in leading federal chains.


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to start

  1. Collecting necessary data
  2. Interviewing key internal customers (logistics, sales, IT, finance)
  3. Putting together diagnostic assessment checklist
  4. Analyzing the received data
  5. Suggesting possible changes to systems and processes
  6. Implementing the approved algorithms
  7. Assessing the outcomes

Contact us:

Contact us:

Office 102, 65 Gymnasicheskaya street

Office 553, 8 bld 1 Presnenskaya embarkment (Moscow-city, Moscow tower)

8 800 234-53-34
8 916 821-73-93

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